Connecticut Land Conservation Council’s
Connecticut Land Conservation Conference

Please Join Us!

Join us to honor Steve Gephard, CRSA’s 2022 Presidents Award recipient, and frequent estuary contributor.

Made You Look

These sorts of outdoor spaces often serve as both installations and galleries for the sculptors.

Below the Surface- Behold the Mighty Minnow

It seemed like just another spring day when we stopped at the Salmon River, a tidewater tributary of the Connecticut River that splits the towns of Haddam and East Haddam, Connecticut.

An Island Treasure

Selden’s shoreline bristles with looming hardwoods and a thorny understory. Surrounded by a natural moat, this verdant fortress, the largest island along the Connecticut River, is easily mistaken for the mainland.

Lying in Wait

Those familiar cinnamon plumes, waving in unison from their towering vantage point above our marshes and sand dunes, were not always so abundant, or robust.

What’s for Dinner- Savory Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast with Cider Sauce

Yum yum summertime…and what better way to celebrate than to have a barbeque! Our choices are diverse, but let’s focus on what’s fresh and readily available at this time of the year. What comes to mind? … Corn and tomatoes, which can be prepared with a minimum of fuss…and what a delight to the eyes as well.

Great American Outdoors Act

Passage of the Great
American Outdoors
Act (GAOA) in 2020
was greeted enthusiastically by
those who enjoy nature and the