Casting About- New Column Starts with Fall Issue

New Column Starts with Fall Issue

Image Credit: Ed Mitchell

In the Fall issue of Estuary, Ed Mitchel will begin a regular column on the fine art of fly-fishing throughout the Connecticut River watershed. The column, entitled “Casting About,” will feature stories from Ed’s long association with the fly-fishing world, including the best environs for fish, equipment, attire, and skills required, as well as the best places to go for the best results.

Ed Mitchell is a former college professor with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the University of Delaware. His love of the Connecticut River began early, with much of his childhood spent on Wethersfield Cove. He first visited the upper Connecticut River in the 1980s and has hiked into the river’s origin numerous times. Ed is also an avid fly fisherman with over 50 years of experience in the sport. He has authored four books on the subject, written articles for a dozen magazines, and been active in fisheries’ conservation efforts for many years. His website is

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