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A quarterly publication for people who care about the Connecticut River; its history, health, and ecology—present and future.


Science & Conservation on the Connecticut River

Each issue features articles about conservation and preservation of the Connecticut river.

Read stories about efforts to improve the quality of the river waters, fish ladders, dam removal, invasive plants, restoring habitats, even the geology of the river from ancient times to today.

Our Mission: estuary is the first magazine dedicated to the Connecticut River, the only National Blueway in America, a federal program designed to “protect and popularize the country’s rivers by taking a holistic approach to conservation.” Stories range from recreation and history to science and the restoration of sanctuaries and wildlife habitats.

  • estuary is about living in the watershed and engaging in activities that support and enhance the health of the River, its tributaries, and shorelines.

  • estuary is about the rich traditions of people who settled the region, their art, food, and outdoor activities.

If you are like us you are concerned about conservation and preservation issues related to our environment and waterways. Each issues, we'll feature stories about the people, science and conservation helping to conserve and protect the only National Blueway in America!

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Are Those Lily Pads?


They may look like Lily Pads, but they are not! The aquatic plant known as Trapa natans has the unfortunate common name of water chestnut, leading people who are first hearing about it to think that it may well be a bonus source of that good appetizer, with a strip of bacon wrapped around it.

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